Donation Requests

It means a lot to us that you are here. Elevation Beer Company knows that community support is what has made us a successful brewery and we look forward to the opportunity to give back whenever we can. We take great pride in knowing that our donations help members and organizations in our community reach their goals. Please be advised, we do receive a large number of requests and cannot always guarantee a donation. We have a monthly donation budget set and donation requests will be evaluated on a first come first serve basis.

In order to help ensure that our donations go to those groups in real need, we have set up a few parameters. We do not donate to non-charitable festivals or events. We do not donate to political or government sanctioned events. We do not donate to athletes, or athletic groups without an associated charity.

Great beer means good planning. Please give us at least 45 days notice to fulfill your request. All requests should be made through this online form. Please do not call the brewery. All callers will be directed to this form – Rest assured, you are in the right place. All donations must be picked up at the brewery, or delivery arrangements made with our distributor 30 days in advance of the event.